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Technology is getting away and the benefits of innovation will escape you unless you’re ahead of the game.

It takes a dedicated and meticulous technocrat to leverage disruptive technology as a competitive advantage and seamlessly integrate it into existing systems, protocols, and processes.


Azim was a strong coach, enhancing the capability of RPA developers thanks to his ability to impart his expertise. I would very much welcome the opportunity to work with Azim again.”

Intelligent Automation Delivery Lead

“An absolutely fantastic RPA and MS Platform automation leader. A great guy, knowledgeable, hugely experienced, always delivers. Azim has been instrumental in the design of our new robot centre of excellence”

Head of Robotic and Intelligent Automation

“We started off with nothing but access to Microsoft's high-level adoption guide, and no clue where to start. Azim hit the ground running and within 3-4 weeks we had gone through the entire maturity framework and had a clear action plan of deliverables.”

Digital Collaborative Services Lead

“We were working on the Power Platform Ecosystem and my learning curve felt steep but Azim immediately put me at ease and made the time and effort to explain everything so that I could learn as we were going along which I am very grateful for.”

Digital Innovation Manager

“Having worked with hundreds of candidates in my recruitment career, you often come across certain individuals who truly stands out from the crowd. Azim is one of those.”

Senior Principal Consultant

“He has no issue coming up with new concepts, and he is able to do this FAST. I HIGHLY recommend working with him. I've had an AMAZING experience.”

Director of Digital Innovation


Some organisations chase technology, others stay ahead of it.